Commit 8093a656 authored by Laurent EL SHAFEY's avatar Laurent EL SHAFEY
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Fix bug when extending kwargs

parent bb3070c1
...@@ -136,12 +136,12 @@ class Extension(ExtensionBase): ...@@ -136,12 +136,12 @@ class Extension(ExtensionBase):
parameters[key] = uniq(parameters[key]) parameters[key] = uniq(parameters[key])
# Tune input parameters if they were set # Tune input parameters if they were set
if kwargs.has_key(key): kwargs.extend(parameters[key]) if kwargs.has_key(key): kwargs[key].extend(parameters[key])
else: kwargs[key] = parameters[key] else: kwargs[key] = parameters[key]
# Set the runtime_library_dirs specially # Set the runtime_library_dirs specially
if kwargs.has_key('runtime_library_dirs'): if kwargs.has_key('runtime_library_dirs'):
kwargs.extend(parameters('runtime_library_dirs')) kwargs['runtime_library_dirs'].extend(parameters('runtime_library_dirs'))
else: else:
kwargs['runtime_library_dirs'] = parameters['library_dirs'] kwargs['runtime_library_dirs'] = parameters['library_dirs']
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