Commit 328e0842 authored by Manuel Günther's avatar Manuel Günther
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Added HACK for python3 to remove the '.cpython-vv' from the compiled library name.

parent 68a72e9a
......@@ -203,6 +203,11 @@ class Extension(DistutilsExtension):
If ``internal_library_builder`` is not specified, it is assumed that a
normal ``Extension`` is used for this.
is_pure_cpp : bool
Set this to True if the library is a pure C++ library, i.e., without
python bindings.
packages = []
......@@ -228,6 +233,12 @@ class Extension(DistutilsExtension):
self.internal_library_builder = None
if 'is_pure_cpp' in kwargs:
self.is_pure_cpp = kwargs['is_pure_cpp']
del kwargs['is_pure_cpp']
self.is_pure_cpp = False
# uniformize packages
packages = normalize_requirements([k.strip().lower() for k in packages])
......@@ -425,6 +436,23 @@ class build_ext(_build_ext):
def get_ext_filename(self, fullname):
"""!!HACK!! required since python 3 adds a '.cpython-vv' version to the libs.
If we have pure C++ code, these libraries are not found when linked in by the normal linker.
Hence, here we remove again the '.cpython-vv' for pure C++ code that is compiled as a normal extension"""
# call base class
lib_name = _build_ext.get_ext_filename(self, fullname)
# get the extension
if fullname in self.ext_map:
ext = self.ext_map[fullname]
# check if it our extension
if isinstance(ext, Extension) and ext.is_pure_cpp:
# remove the .cpython-vv from the build if it is pure C++
if "cpython-" in lib_name:
splits = lib_name.split('.')
lib_name = '.'.join([s for s in splits if 'cpython-' not in s])
return lib_name
def get_config():
"""Returns a string containing the configuration information.
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