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  • v1.0.0
    • This is a major release as it marks the official deployment of bdt for managing Bob/BEAT builds in all our packages. Specific changes to the previous release follow:
    • !18 Refines the commitfile command to introduce:
    • Better log messages, more pertinent and with more information about what it is really doing
    • The ability to commit directly to master (which is the default behaviour now)
    • In merge-request creation mode, if [ci skip] or [skip ci] is detected on the commit message, and auto-merge is set, then merge immediately
    • !20 Add support for packages required to run linux builds on docker-build hosts
    • !21 This MR introduces three new features:
    1. A new command bdt test can run test-only conda-builds using tarballs created during a build phase
    2. An equivalent new command bdt ci test can be used to run test-only builds on the CI
    3. A template inside single-package.yaml can be used among packages to run specific test-only builds of themselves
    • !19 [conda-build-config] Update bob/beat-devel versions: Updates bob and beat-devel packages to version 2019.03.07.
    • !23 New doc strategy: Implements and proposes (for new templates) a documentation source installation strategy that makes conda packages testable without the sources (improves previous solution for #5).
    • !24 Allows package namespace to be set and fine-tune conda/documentation urls: Improves the interface of build/test/create to accept a package namespace (group) in order to better tune documentation and conda channel URLs. This fixes a problem currently happening in BEAT package builds in which built documentation is not properly linked. It also improves server URL setup by simplifying it.
    • !26 Introduces the following features:
    1. Consolidate all gitlab-related commands under the command "gitlab"
    2. Add a new command "gitlab runners" to manage runners in projects (enable/disable)
    3. Add a new command "gitlab jobs" to list jobs in shared runners
    • !27 Add missing parameter to create script (closes #15): Closes #15.
    • !28 Nightlies: Centralises nightly builds using bdt infrastructure.
    • !29 Add notes about linux CI setup
    • !25 Do not overwrite conda-build root dir if already configured: The condarc file can contain the root-dir entry which state where conda-build should run and store its artifacts. Don't set croot if that setting is found.
    • !30 Do not set changeps1 to false as that affects deactivation of PS1 on bash: This MR includes the following fixes:
    • Do not set changeps1 to false as that affects deactivation of PS1 in hybrid environments (closes #16)
    • Remove unused channels from default environment
    • Use the name condarc for the rc-file created at the root of each new environment with create (more visible)
    • !31 Add new deployment module and applies DRY to scripts.ci (closes #18): This MR only partially affects issue #18 by encapsulating deployment functionality into two new functions.
    • !32 Update click version to 7.x, click-plugins to 1.0.4
    • !33 No config set when using conda_build.api.build() directly from metadata: This MR implements a change in the use of conda_build.api.build() in the specific cases we are building from the resolved metadata. It reverts using metadata to run the build as that has proved not be reliable. See:
    • !34 Fix use of should_skip_build(): This MR introduces a fix to the use of should_skip_build(). It closes #20 and fixes issues observed at bob.learn.pytorch by @heusch.
  • v0.1.6
    • !13 Added conda-verify to avoid a recurring warning during package builds.
    • !14 Implemented resources necessary to build bob/bob.conda packages.
    • !15 Allows the build of base dependencies separating python-independent recipes from python-dependent ones, and potentially using multiple python versions.
    • !16 Introduced a new command called commitfile that is capable to change single files on remote repositories, following a formal merge-request procedure. As an option, it can set auto-merge to true (in case the build succeeds).
    • !17 Introduced the use of terminal-based coloring for better differentiating info, warning and error messages.
  • v0.1.5
    • !12 Fixes and properly tests for errors concerning issue #13
  • v0.1.4
    • !10 Temporarily pin conda-build on 3.16: See bob.conda!398
    • !11 Independent builds and python support: This MR introduces various features: 1. This package is now built completely independently of the bob software stack (and bob.conda). It ships its own version of dependencies and can provide better support for python versions that are not necessarily supported (yet) by Bob or BEAT; 2. As a bonus, you can now install this package alongside your conda base environment; 3. An optimisation during the bootstrap process is now possible since we don't need to install a new environment for bdt using python-3.6, it can just install in the base environment itself; 4. This MR also makes git-clean a bit less verbose, on request form @amohammadi; 5. Finally, it fixes #13, as reported by @heusch
  • v0.1.3
    • !2 [conda-build-config] Update scikit-image version: This MR updates the file conda_build_config.yaml to the latest version available from bob/bob.admin
    • !4 Implements new project creation closes #3 and #6: This MR introduces the "new" subcommand and implements fixes for bug #3 and #6.
    • !3 [setup] Pin click>=7 and fixes #9: This MR addresses an issue reported by @jdiefenbaugh concerning the build command and click.
    • !5 [bootstrap] Remove usage of conda clean --lock, which does nothing with conda 4.6 anyway: This command is now deprecated in conda and does nothing effectively.
    • !7 [bootstrap] Always use only public channels to bootstrap (closes #11): This MR addresses an issue in which, for private packages, the CI will tend to install bdt from the private beta channel instead of the latest version from the public beta channel, which should be the case.
    • !6 [config] Pin click at different location: Actually conda_build_config.yaml has nothing to-do with the dependencies of bdt. So, pin click>=7 only for this package.
    • !9 Add options to allow testing local builds: This will make local building (for testing purposes) work correctly.
    • !8 This MR suggests a configuration change for macOS-based builders (shared) to avoid cross-talking between miniconda installations. Closes #12.
  • v0.1.2
    • Fixes stable package deployment on conda/documentation channels
  • v0.1.1
    • Fixes PyPI deployment
  • v0.1.0
    • Initial stable release