Commit 4db09f68 authored by Amir Mohammadi's avatar Amir Mohammadi

bob.db.base.File does not accept client_id [nightlies release]

parent 6ce7a304
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......@@ -71,7 +71,8 @@ class Directory(Base, bob.db.base.File):
def __init__(self, file_id, client_id, path):
# call base class constructor
shot_id = int(os.path.basename(path))
bob.db.base.File.__init__(self, file_id = file_id, client_id = client_id, path = path)
bob.db.base.File.__init__(self, file_id = file_id, path = path)
self.client_id = client_id
self.shot_id = shot_id
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