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Fix broken p2 face

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......@@ -360,9 +360,9 @@ def all_pad_protocols(out_folder, files):
('train', 'bf'): r'.*session_02/iPhone/.*/.*_02_0[1-8]_p_[1-2]\.mp4',
('dev', 'bf'): r'.*session_02/iPhone/.*/.*_02_0[1-8]_p_[1-2]\.mp4',
('eval', 'bf'): r'.*session_0[2-6]/iPhone/.*/.*_0[2-6]_0[1-8]_p_[1-2]\.mp4',
('train', 'pa'): r'pa-database/Face/.*',
('dev', 'pa'): r'pa-database/Face/.*',
('eval', 'pa'): r'pa-database/Face/.*',
('train', 'pa'): r'pa-database/TalkingFace/.*',
('dev', 'pa'): r'pa-database/TalkingFace/.*',
('eval', 'pa'): r'pa-database/TalkingFace/.*',
pad_protocols(out_folder + 'pad_p2_face', files, patterns)
# voice
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