Commit 41ed6bcf authored by Sushil BHATTACHARJEE's avatar Sushil BHATTACHARJEE
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updated level3 interface to load video files correctly when no extension is specified

parent e38b481f
......@@ -35,7 +35,19 @@ class File(antispoofing.utils.db.File):
def load(self, directory=None, extension='.hdf5'):
return self.__f.load(directory=directory, extension=extension)
if extension is None:
extension = '.mov'
vfn = self.make_path(directory, extension)
if extension == '.mov':
video =, extension))
vin = video.load()
vin =, extension))
return vin
# return self.__f.load(directory=directory, extension=extension)
load.__doc__ = antispoofing.utils.db.File.bbx.__doc__
def save(self, data, directory=None, extension='.hdf5'):
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