Commit 56998019 authored by Laurent EL SHAFEY's avatar Laurent EL SHAFEY
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Fix no lock (again): create_engine_try_nolock

parent c3248d25
......@@ -1665,11 +1665,9 @@ def add_subworldfiles(session):
def create_tables(args):
"""Creates all necessary tables (only to be used at the first time)"""
from bob.db.utils import connection_string
from bob.db.utils import connection_string_try_nolock
from sqlalchemy import create_engine
engine = create_engine(connection_string(args.type, args.files[0]),
echo=(args.verbose >= 2))
engine = create_engine_try_nolock(args.type, args.files[0], echo=(args.verbose >= 2))
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