Commit 77f4d48e authored by Tiago de Freitas Pereira's avatar Tiago de Freitas Pereira
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fixed some bugs

parent b843b548
......@@ -281,7 +281,6 @@ class Database(bob.db.verification.utils.Database):
if 'world' in groups:
self._load_data(protocol, "world", "train")
objects.extend([o for t in self.memory_db[protocol]['train'] for o in self.memory_db[protocol]['train'][t] ])
if 'dev' in groups:
......@@ -370,9 +369,8 @@ class Database(bob.db.verification.utils.Database):
def annotations(self, file):
"""Returns the annotations for the given :py:class:`File` object as a dictionary, see :py:class:`Annotation` for details."""
# return annotations as obtained from the __call__ command of the Annotation class
return file.annotations()
return file.annotations
def protocol_names(self):
......@@ -410,7 +408,7 @@ class Database(bob.db.verification.utils.Database):
if not self.original_directory:
raise ValueError("The original_directory was not specified in the constructor.")
# extract file name
file_name = file.make_path(self.original_directory, file.extension, add_sighting_id=False)
file_name = file.make_path(self.original_directory, file.extension)
if not check_existence or os.path.exists(file_name):
return file_name
raise ValueError("The file '%s' was not found. Please check the original directory '%s'?" % (file_name, self.original_directory))
......@@ -43,15 +43,16 @@ def read_file(filename):
template_id = int(splits[0])
client_id = int(splits[1])
path,_ = os.path.splitext(splits[2])
path,extension = os.path.splitext(splits[2])
sighting_id = splits[4]
file_id = "%s-%s" % (path, sighting_id)
#Creating the file object and binding the annotations directly to the object
file_obj = File(client_id, path, file_id)
file_obj = File(client_id, path, file_id)
annotations = read_annotations(splits[6:])
file_obj.annotations = annotations
file_obj.extension = extension
yield template_id, file_obj
......@@ -114,26 +115,43 @@ def read_annotations(raw_annotations):
annotations = {}
annotations['tl_x'] = raw_annotations[0]
annotations['tl_y'] = raw_annotations[1]
annotations['size_x'] = raw_annotations[2]
annotations['size_y'] = raw_annotations[3]
annotations['re_x'] = raw_annotations[4]
annotations['re_y'] = raw_annotations[5]
annotations['le_x'] = raw_annotations[6]
annotations['le_y'] = raw_annotations[7]
annotations['n_x'] = raw_annotations[8]
annotations['n_y'] = raw_annotations[9]
annotations['yaw'] = raw_annotations[10]
annotations['forehead'] = raw_annotations[17-6]
annotations['eyes'] = raw_annotations[18-6]
annotations['nm'] = raw_annotations[19-6]
annotations['indoor'] = raw_annotations[20-6]
annotations['gender'] = raw_annotations[21-6]
annotations['skin'] = raw_annotations[22-5]
annotations['age'] = raw_annotations[23-6]
tl_x = float(raw_annotations[0]) if raw_annotations[0]!='' else None
tl_y = float(raw_annotations[1]) if raw_annotations[1]!='' else None
size_x = float(raw_annotations[2]) if raw_annotations[2]!='' else None
size_y = float(raw_annotations[3]) if raw_annotations[3]!='' else None
re_x = float(raw_annotations[4]) if raw_annotations[4]!='' else None
re_y = float(raw_annotations[5]) if raw_annotations[5]!='' else None
le_x = float(raw_annotations[6]) if raw_annotations[6]!='' else None
le_y = float(raw_annotations[7]) if raw_annotations[7]!='' else None
n_x = float(raw_annotations[8]) if raw_annotations[8]!='' else None
n_y = float(raw_annotations[9]) if raw_annotations[9]!='' else None
yaw = float(raw_annotations[10]) if raw_annotations[10]!='' else None
forehead = raw_annotations[17-6]
eyes = raw_annotations[18-6]
nm = raw_annotations[19-6]
indoor = raw_annotations[20-6]
gender = raw_annotations[21-6]
skin = raw_annotations[22-5]
age = raw_annotations[23-6]
annotations['topleft'] = (tl_y, tl_x)
annotations['size'] = (size_y, size_x)
annotations['bottomright'] = (tl_y + size_y, tl_x + size_x)
annotations['forehead-visible'] = forehead
annotations['eyes-visible'] = eyes
annotations['nose-mouth-visible'] = nm
annotations['indoor'] = indoor
annotations['gender'] = gender
annotations['skin-tone'] = skin
annotations['age'] = age
if all(a is not None for a in (re_y, re_x)): annotations['reye'] = (re_y, re_x)
if all(a is not None for a in (le_y, le_x)): annotations['leye'] = (le_y, le_x)
if all(a is not None for a in (n_y, n_x)): annotations['nose'] = (n_y, n_x)
if yaw is not None: annotations['yaw'] = yaw
return annotations
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