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[tests] Passing

parent 48d71d49
......@@ -44,18 +44,23 @@ class HCITaggingTest(unittest.TestCase):
from .models import bdf_load_signal
for obj in self.db.objects():
for obj in self.db.objects()[:10]:
path = obj.make_path(DATABASE_LOCATION, '.bdf')
signal, freq = bdf_load_signal(path)
assert signal.size
assert freq
time = len(signal)/freq
# correlation between video data and physiological signal
if abs(time-obj.duration) > 2:
print('Physiological signal (%d seconds) is very different in size from estimated video duration (%d seconds) on sample `%s/%s\'' % (time, obj.duration, obj.basedir, obj.stem))
class CmdLineTest(unittest.TestCase):
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