Commit f82b06d4 authored by Tiago de Freitas Pereira's avatar Tiago de Freitas Pereira
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Created unit tests for the package

parent 9f3e80fc
......@@ -22,6 +22,51 @@
import bob.db.cbsr_nir_vis_2
def test01():
assert True
possible_protocols = ["view2_1", "view2_2", "view2_3", "view2_4", "view2_5", "view2_6", "view2_7", "view2_8", "view2_9", "view2_10"]
def test_protocols():
import os
db = bob.db.cbsr_nir_vis_2.Database()
available_protocols = os.listdir(db.get_base_directory())
for p in possible_protocols:
assert p in available_protocols
def test_clients():
db = bob.db.cbsr_nir_vis_2.Database()
for p in possible_protocols:
#Checking clients
assert len(db.client_ids(protocol=p)) == 715
assert len(db.client_ids(protocol=p, groups="world")) == 357
assert len(db.client_ids(protocol=p, groups="dev")) == 358
assert len(db.client_ids(protocol=p, groups="eval")) == 358
def test_objects():
db = bob.db.cbsr_nir_vis_2.Database()
for p in possible_protocols:
#Checking groups
assert len(db.groups(protocol=p)) == 3
#cheking files
assert len(db.objects(protocol=p))== 15371
assert len(db.objects(protocol=p, groups="world"))== 8750
assert len(db.objects(protocol=p, groups="dev"))== 6481
assert len(db.objects(protocol=p, groups="eval"))== 6566
assert len(db.objects(protocol=p, groups="dev", purposes="enrol"))== 358
assert len(db.objects(protocol=p, groups="dev", purposes="probe"))== 6123
assert len(db.objects(protocol=p, groups="eval", purposes="enrol"))== 358
assert len(db.objects(protocol=p, groups="eval", purposes="probe"))== 6208
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