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  • v1.0.0
    Release v1.0.0
    • !1 Fixed basestring and pop() in models.py
    • !2 Stitch
    • !3 Test new version
    • !4 Organize the dependencies and some clean-up
    • !5 Added new masks: Added new masks to batl_config.
    • !6 Fixed the loader for the case when no max num of frames is specified
    • !8 Markers temp: The corrected set of markers for color, depth, infrared and thermal. Uses different json files to correct the markers for files collected during different time periods.
    • !9 Markers 80 to 4 conversion
    • !10 Updated the CI, removed the Python 2 support
    • !11 Rotate data: Rotate all the channels to upright in the config
    • !12 Fix case when stream doesn't need to be rotated & no rotation key in config
    • !13 Updated the paths for changes in makeup data location: Updated the paths for changes in makeup data location
    • !14 Added documentation on naming conventions: Added documentation on naming conventions
    • !16 Replace print with a logger call
    • !15 test