Commit 3cec688a authored by André Anjos's avatar André Anjos 💬

Catch specific exceptions from shutil; Remove getpass stuff

parent a77347c2
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......@@ -79,10 +79,8 @@ def upload(arguments):
# compress
import tarfile
import tempfile
import base64
import six.moves.urllib
import six.moves.http_client
import getpass
import shutil
parsed_url = six.moves.urllib.parse.urlparse(arguments.destination)
......@@ -109,19 +107,13 @@ def upload(arguments):
shutil.copyfileobj(tmpfile, open(target_path, 'w'))
print("Created %s" % target_path)
except Exception as e:
except (shutil.Error, IOError) as e:
# maybe no file location? try next steps
print("Seems not to be a file location; Exception is as follows: %s" % e)
print("Error: %s" % e)
# print what we are going to do
target_path = '/'.join((parsed_url.path, + ".tar.bz2"))
print("Uploading protocol files to server %s"%target_path)
# encode user/pass to DAV server before we start
password = getpass.getpass(prompt='Password for Bob\'s "uploader": ')
password = password.encode('ascii')
upass = base64.encodestring(b'uploader:%s' % password).decode('ascii')[:-1]
headers = {'Authorization': 'Basic %s' % upass}
print("Uploading protocol files to %s" % target_path)
if parsed_url.scheme == 'https':
dav_server = six.moves.http_client.HTTPSConnection(parsed_url.netloc)
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