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Added README in boost include directory [skip ci].

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include LICENSE README.rst buildout.cfg requirements.txt
recursive-include doc *.rst
recursive-include bob *.cpp *.h *.hpp
include bob/core/include/bob.core/boost/README.txt
This directory contains BOOST header files that were copied from BOOST version 1.56, which are required to provide consistent and correct output of the random number distributions provided by bob.core.random.
These header files are modified such that they work with our package; particularly, the namespace of the BOOST functions are changed bob::core::random, i.e., to assure that they overwrite the ones from BOOST version < 1.56.
The BOOST license applies. You can download the license from
If you have BOOST version 1.56 or greater installed, you can safely ignore/delete this directory.
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