Outcome of the refactoring 2016 (new database interface).


28 commits in total

8a55c727 Increased latest version to 3.0.1b0 [skip ci]

a33a3236 Increased stable version to 3.0.0

920e11b2 Merge branch 'pre-release' into 'master'

7f04c0a7 Fixed sphinx warnings

ae22e814 [ci] Added new ci file

72146dc8 Merge branch 'better_io_implementation' into 'pre-release'

07c91eff Standarization sphinx conf.py

162adc27 New version of loading video files

760f5fd8 Merge branch 'issue-8-remove-database-configuration' into 'master'

c8835a0f Test requirements were missing

030146b0 Merge branch 'issue-8-remove-database-configuration' into 'master'

4fb902aa [refactoring2016] Added tests for the database interfaces

a2de56b6 Removed jump file

a48e947b Merge branch 'issue-8-remove-database-configuration' into 'master'

dacf30d8 [refactoring2016] Fixed small issues

5f357c8b Removed duplicated file

f3eddfb0 updated the develop.cfg [skip-ci]

fd05eb57 [refactoring2016] Removed the temporary modifications

13296c19 Sorted the filelist

d98fa879 Reimplemented the inheritance mechanism

44df55d2 [refactoring2016] Moved the load functions to the to the high level implementations

a02fcfdb Added gridtk

0b4865cd Testing ci

ee4f9279 [refactorint2016] Moved entry points from bob.bio.db to bob.bio.video

5c565d4a Fix the dummy database

dc7401bf Remove entry points, fixes for refactoring

0fc93b2c Standardise

03677cc8 Increased latest version to 2.0.5b0 [skip ci]