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Removed read_probe

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......@@ -260,30 +260,6 @@ class Wrapper (
return self.algorithm.read_model(filename)
def read_probe(self, filename):
"""read_probe(filename) -> probe
Reads the probe using the algorithm's ``read_probe`` function to read the probe features of the single frames.
filename : str
The name of the frame container containing the probe file.
probe : :py:class:``
The frames of the probe file.
# TODO: check if it is really necessary that we read other types than FrameContainers here...
if self.compressed_io:
return utils.load_compressed(filename, self.algorithm.read_probe)
return utils.FrameContainer(, self.algorithm.read_probe)
except IOError:
return self.algorithm.read_probe(filename)
def score(self, model, probe):
"""score(model, probe) -> score
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