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[py] Remove prints in config for db and extractors

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......@@ -55,5 +55,5 @@ must make sure to set this value with ``bob config set``
to the place where you actually installed the `3D Fingervein`_ dataset, as
explained in the section :ref:``.
print(f"protocol is '{protocol}'")
logger.debug(f"Loaded database fv3d config file, using protocol '{protocol}'.")
......@@ -53,5 +53,4 @@ installed the `vera fingervein`_ dataset, as explained in the section
print(f"VERAFINGER: protocol = '{protocol}'.")
logger.debug(f"Loaded database verafinger config file, using protocol '{protocol}'.")
......@@ -69,7 +69,6 @@ user_temp = Path("/idiap/") / "temp" / os.environ["USER"]
if user_temp.exists():
# use /idiap/temp/<USER>/bob_bio_vein_tmp/<SUBDIRECTORY>/
legacy_temp_dir = user_temp / "bob_bio_vein_tmp" / sub_directory
print(f"Saving legacy temp in '{legacy_temp_dir}'")
# if /idiap/temp/<USER> does not exist, use /tmp/tmpxxxxxxxx
legacy_temp_dir = TemporaryDirectory().name
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