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#!/usr/bin/env python
# vim: set fileencoding=utf-8 :
'''Grid configurations for'''
grid =
number_of_preprocessing_jobs = 48,
number_of_extraction_jobs = 48,
number_of_projection_jobs = 48,
number_of_enrollment_jobs = 48,
number_of_scoring_jobs = 48,
training_queue = '4G-io-big',
preprocessing_queue = '4G-io-big',
extraction_queue = '4G-io-big',
projection_queue = '4G-io-big',
enrollment_queue = '4G-io-big',
scoring_queue = '4G-io-big'
'''Defines an SGE grid configuration for running at Idiap
This grid configuration will use 48 slots for each of the stages defined below.
The queue ``4G-io-big`` corresponds to the following settings:
* ``queue``: ``q1d`` (in this queue you have a maximum of 48 slots according
* ``memfree``: ``4G`` (this is the minimum amount of memory you can take -
the lower, the more probable your job will be allocated faster)
* ``io_big``: SET (this flag must be set so your job runs downstairs and not
on people's workstations
Notice the queue names do not directly correspond SGE grid queue names. These
are names only known to :py:mod:`` and are translated
from there to settings which are finally passed to ``gridtk``.
To use this configuration file, just add it to your ```` commandline.
For example::
$ <other-options> gridio4g48
#!/usr/bin/env python
# vim: set fileencoding=utf-8 :
"""Sets-up parallel processing using all available processors"""
import multiprocessing
parallel = multiprocessing.cpu_count()
"""The number of processes to spawn for a given run
The default is the value returned by :py:func:`multiprocessing.cpu_count` on
**your** machine (disregard the value above). If you want to tune it, using the
``--parallel`` command-line option or the attribute ``parallel`` on a
configuration file read **after** this one.
nice = 10
"""Operating system priority (the higher the smaller)
This value controls the execution priority for jobs launched by a run of
the verification scripts. By default, jobs would be launched with priority of
zero if this setting is not in place. By increasing the value (i.e., reducing
the priority of spawn processes), existing programs already running on your
desktop (such as your web browser) will have more priority and won't become
Setting this value is optional, but you cannot set it to value smaller than
zero (the default). The maximum is 19. You may read the manual for `renice` for
more information about this setting.
......@@ -101,27 +101,3 @@ Wide-Line Detector and Miura Matching
.. automodule::
Other Resources
Other resources which include configuration parameters for circumstantial
Parallel Running
.. automodule::
Using SGE at Idiap
.. automodule::
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