Outcome of the refactoring 2016 (new database interface).


13 commits in total

ecdcfd31 Increased latest version to 3.0.1b0 [skip ci]

cdeb4a0c Increased stable version to 3.0.0

807583cd Merge branch 'pre-release' into 'master'

c7536331 Reorganized the requirements

b1ceff9c Removed bob.bio.db

a3950952 [ci] New ci

01c9d122 Replaced conf.py

5c331b84 Merge branch '6-change-required-after-bob-bio-base-command-line-option-change' into 'master'

0e45af28 Added test cases that internal options raise exceptions

b0389f3f Added tests for internal options in scripts

9825a51c [refactoring_2016] Removed references from bob.db.verification.utils

7f50bb5c Standardise

b2761e60 Increased latest version to 2.0.8a0 [skip ci]