Commit 564212df authored by Manuel Günther's avatar Manuel Günther
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baselines evaluation by default takes the default protocol

parent cde00256
......@@ -279,10 +279,16 @@ def main(command_line_parameters = None):
logger.warn("Skipping algorithm '%s' since the results cannot be found.", algorithm)
if len(protocols) > 1:
# load the default protocol of the database
protocol =, "database").protocol
if protocol not in protocols:
protocol = protocols[0]
logger.warn("There are several protocols found in directory '%s'. Here, we use protocol '%s'.", os.path.join(result_dir, algorithm), protocols[0])
protocol = protocols[0]
nonorm_sub_dir = os.path.join(algorithm, protocols[0], 'nonorm')
ztnorm_sub_dir = os.path.join(algorithm, protocols[0], 'ztnorm')
nonorm_sub_dir = os.path.join(algorithm, protocol, 'nonorm')
ztnorm_sub_dir = os.path.join(algorithm, protocol, 'ztnorm')
# collect the resulting files
if os.path.exists(os.path.join(result_dir, nonorm_sub_dir, 'scores-dev')):
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