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......@@ -59,14 +59,19 @@ supported databases including their download URLs, please refer to the
`biometric recognition databases`_.
After downloading the raw data for the databases, you will need to tell
``bob.bio``, where these databases can be found. For this purpose, we have
decided to implement a special file, where you can set your directories. By
``bob.bio``, where these databases can be found. There are two methods for
this purpose. The older method is deprecated but some old databases may still
be using it.
Old Databases
A special file, where you can set your directories, is used. By
default, this file is located in ``~/.bob_bio_databases.txt``, and it contains
several lines, each line looking somewhat like:
.. code-block:: text
[YOUR_ATNT_DIRECTORY] = /path/to/your/directory
[YOUR_ATNT_DIRECTORY] = /path/to/atnt/directory
.. note::
......@@ -86,6 +91,19 @@ updated, and the corrected paths for those you have.
``bob.db.<name>`` package as well.
New Databases
Most new databses in bob use the :ref:`bob.extension.rc` to find the location
of the raw data. Please refer to the documentation of the database package to
find out if they use this feature or not. If they do, the location can be
configured using the ``bob config`` command. For example:
.. code-block:: sh
$ bob config set bob.db.atnt.directory /path/to/atnt/directory
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