Commit f22059b3 authored by Yannick DAYER's avatar Yannick DAYER
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[legacy] database.all_files handles 'None' groups

parent 6a60ffd4
......@@ -671,12 +671,15 @@ class ZTBioDatabase(BioDatabase):
files = self.objects(protocol=self.protocol, groups=groups, **self.all_files_options)
# add all files that belong to the ZT-norm
if add_zt_files:
if add_zt_files and groups:
for group in groups:
if group == 'world':
files += self.tobjects(protocol=self.protocol, groups=group, model_ids=None)
files += self.zobjects(protocol=self.protocol, groups=group, **self.z_probe_options)
elif add_zt_files:
files += self.tobjects(protocol=self.protocol, groups=groups, model_ids=None)
files += self.zobjects(protocol=self.protocol, groups=groups, **self.z_probe_options)
return self.sort(files)
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