Commit 9fc33fe4 authored by Yannick DAYER's avatar Yannick DAYER
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Add a test for retrieving all samples

parent caf1f710
......@@ -10,7 +10,8 @@ Very simple tests for Implementations
import os
from import BioDatabase, ZTBioDatabase
from import database as dummy_database
from bob.pipelines import DelayedSample
def check_database(database, groups=('dev',), protocol=None, training_depends=False, models_depend=False, skip_train=False, check_zt=False):
database_legacy = database.database
......@@ -51,3 +52,8 @@ def check_database_zt(database, groups=('dev', 'eval'), protocol=None, training_
assert database_legacy.client_id_from_model_id(t_model_ids[0], group) is not None
assert len(database_legacy.t_enroll_files(t_model_ids[0], group)) > 0
assert len(database_legacy.z_probe_files(group)) > 0
def test_all_samples():
all_samples = dummy_database.all_samples(groups=None)
assert len(all_samples) == 400
assert all([isinstance(s, DelayedSample) for s in all_samples])
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