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Updated the partition_size heuristics

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......@@ -300,12 +300,15 @@ def dask_vanilla_biometrics(pipeline, npartitions=None, partition_size=None):
return pipeline
def dask_get_partition_size(cluster, n_objects):
def dask_get_partition_size(cluster, n_objects, lower_bound=200):
Heuristics that gives you a number for dask.partition_size.
The heuristics is pretty simple, given the max number of possible workers to be run
in a queue (not the number of current workers running) and a total number objects to be processed do n_objects/n_max_workers:
for best practices
......@@ -315,12 +318,19 @@ def dask_get_partition_size(cluster, n_objects):
n_objects: int
Number of objects to be processed
lower_bound: int
Minimum partitions size.
if not isinstance(cluster, SGEMultipleQueuesCluster):
return None
max_jobs = cluster.sge_job_spec["default"]["max_jobs"]
return n_objects // (max_jobs * 2) if n_objects > max_jobs else 1
# Trying to set a lower bound for the
return (
max(n_objects // max_jobs, lower_bound) if n_objects > max_jobs else n_objects
def checkpoint_vanilla_biometrics(
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