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Remove explicit shutdown of dask clients in commands

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......@@ -193,8 +193,3 @@ def vanilla_biometrics(
)"Experiment finished !!!!!")
if dask_client is not None:"Shutdown workers !!!!!")
dask_client.shutdown()"Done !!!!!")
......@@ -331,7 +331,3 @@ def vanilla_biometrics_ztnorm(
_ = compute_scores(zt_normed_scores, dask_client)"Experiment finished !!!!!")
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if dask_client is not None:"Shutdown workers !!!!!")
  • Hi @amohammadi,

    Why that? We should shutdown the client while using the CLI command.

  • dask already does this as part of their clean up.

  • It's just a good practice to clean up your stuff. You can have an exception in between and those workers can be opened for a while. It's better to leave this shutdown there.

  • I don't see any try and catch here. Anyway from what I have seen, as soon as the server crashes, dask clients automatically exit. This has been almost instant in my experience.

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