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WIP:Add CXR8 Dataset, Improves resource logging, Deprecates SSL, Adds tensorsboard support

Matheus Armani Renzo requested to merge AddCXR8Dataset into master

This MR contains some important additions:

  • Adds the CXR8 dataset and segmentations as input source for training lung segmentation on CXR, including specific versions for Idiap usage
  • Fixes CPU logging (missing recurse=True setting)
  • Improves CPU/GPU logging by consulting devices in a parallel process, during the whole epoch
  • Fine-tunes train-analysis plot, adds a plot for hardware utilisation through training
  • Deprecates Semi-supervised Learning (SSL) approaches due to changes in the overall re-design and infrastructural changes
  • Added plumbery to support tensorboard logging
  • Parallelises the evaluation procedure so it may be faster on very large datasets
  • Change the flag --multiproc-data-loading to --parallel as it now can be used through the whole experiment
  • Implements plot axes limits for the compare (portion of the experiment) script
  • Adjusts the root of lung segmentation datasets (Montgomery, Shenzhen, JSRT) to make running a bit easier to reproduce remotely
  • Fixes the loading of Montgomery and Shenzhen datasets to avoid resizing distortions
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