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André Anjos requested to merge streamlining into master

Documentation and package cleanup

  • Black-fy all sources
  • Streamline scripts to be more intuitive and better documented
  • Preliminar support for newer versions of pytorch
  • Documentation re-organization
    • Re-organize tables to make their maintenance easier
    • Re-structure text to be more fluid
    • Sort all references together
    • Use autodoc feature from Sphinx to document all modules
    • Use programoutput extension to document CLI
  • Improve help message and CLI interface
  • Refactor configuration files to implement DRY
  • Add (many) more tests
  • Simplify data-access by removing bob.db.* accessors and implementing a simple JSON-based dataset declaration
  • Allow user input through new CSV-based dataset declaration, provide example and documentation
  • Provide "experiment" CLI interface to run complete experiments with one command
  • Allow "evaluate" to handle 2nd-human annotator references
  • Improve CLI to allow handling of multiple datasets at once
  • Add resource monitoring for CPU and GPU usage
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