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## 1. Create data files
In order to run the experiments, you will need three bin files: one containing the audio data, one containing the targets (0 and 1s) and one containing the audio sample label (corresponding to the name of each file).
To create these three bin files, you will need to have two lists for each data subset: one
In total you should have four
## 2. Train the CNN
The training is done with the script
When running this script, several parameters of the CNN should be specified:
-arch {cnnMLP, cnnSLP}
as well as the name of the bin files previously created:
and the folder in which the outputs will be saved: -save
This folder will contain a log file, a file containing the error of the training set and a file containing the error of the development set. It will also contains the models trianed at each epoch.
## 3. Forward development and evaluation sets
## 4. Evaluate score files
In order to compute the scores on the development and evaluation sets, you will first need to select which saved model to use. This should be done by selecting the one that achieves the lowest error rate on the development set.
## 5. Plotting filters responses
Computing the scores is done with the script forward.lua. This will create one file, names "scores-dev" or "scores-eval", depending on the -type option.
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