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[Lab material](./lab/
## LaTeX Beamer slides with pandoc
We are using [pandoc]( to convert simple .md files into latex beamer.
Please refer to the lecture example ( for more details.
## Setting up
**You need to refer** to the same section the lecture example ( for more details.
For a quick setup just do
$ git clone
$ git clone<this-lab>.git
$ cd <this-lab>
$ rm -rf graphics
$ ln -s ../graphics .
## Building the slides
Proceed in 2 steps when working on the slides in .md files:
1. edit only the .md files
2. check if it compiles
To compile
* You can just compile the slides of one md file:
$ make 01_section1.pdf
***notice the name of the make target is the filename with a `.pdf` extension***
* Or your can compile all the slides (`lab.pdf`) that merges all sections into it.
$ make
***The input `.md` files are sorted before inclusion, so ensure that the name sorting works fine before building the whole document.***
* You can use flag `-B` with make to force recompilation if necessary. Otherwise, our Makefile is set to detect changes automatically.
$ make -B
It results in a ``lab.pdf`` file.
**Please don't git add/commit/push this file nor any other PDF by-product. They are git-ignored by default.**
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