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## Building the slides
As slides are written in md format we need to convert them to latex before
compiling. We are uing pandoc to convert from md to beamer.
Proceed in 2 steps when working on the slides in .md files:
1. edit only the .md files
2. check if it compiles
* First convert all the .md files into a single latex file main.tex
``` sh
$ pandoc -t beamer ??_*.md -o main.tex
To compile
* You can just compile the slides of one md file:
$ make 01_section1.pdf
* Next compile lab.tex that includes the actual slides in main.tex
***notice the name of the make target is the filename with a `.pdf` extension***
* Or your can compile all the slides (`lab.pdf`) that merges all sections into it.
$ pdflatex lab
$ make
***The input `.md` files are sorted before inclusion, so ensure that the name sorting works fine before building the whole document.***
Finally when everything works fine and the lab.pdf is generated properly
you can simply invoke make than will execute the Makefile and run pandoc +
* You can use flag `-B` with make to force recompilation if necessary. Otherwise, our Makefile is set to detect changes automatically.
$ make -B
It results in a ``lab.pdf`` file. Please don't git add/commit/push this
file nor any other compilation by product such as ``main.tex`` or
``*.log *.lot *.lof *.loa *.toc *.idx *.inc *.ilg *.ind *.bbl *.blg *.aux *.glo *.dvi *.ps *.pdf *.out *.brf *.nav *.snm *.vrb`` files.
It results in a ``lab.pdf`` file.
**Please don't git add/commit/push this file nor any other PDF by-product. They are git-ignored by default.**
% These are NOT displayed on the front page
\institute{Master Biometrics}
% These are displayed at the title page with contents
%\subtitle{Lab: XXX}
%\author[author]{Dr. Sebastien Marcel}
\title{Biometrics: Lab}
\author{S\'ebastien Marcel\\
Head of Biometrics Security and Privacy group\\
Idiap research institute\\
author: |
Sébastien Marcel\
Head of Biometrics Security and Privacy group\
Biometrics Security and Privacy group\
Idiap research institute\
subject: Lecture XX
subject: Lab 2
date: \today
title: "Biometrics: Lecture"
subtitle: "Welcome and general information"
title: "Master Biometrics: Lab 2"
subtitle: "Iris recognition"
institute: "Idiap Research Institute"
lang: "en"
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