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This repository will build the documentation of all BEAT packages at the same
Adding a new package
To add a new package:
* Make sure the package is **public** first. Do not add private packages here.
* Add it in ``conda/meta.yaml`` and ``requirements.txt``.
* Add it in ``doc/index.rst`` (you need to add it in several places in this file).
* Add it in ``doc/readme_index.rst``.
* Add it in ``.gitignore``.
* If it plots something using matplotlib during its documentation generation,
make sure you add a symlink for it in the docs folder.
Test this package (build the documentation)
The steps to test this package is the following you need to run the script
`` before testing. Checkout bob.admin in
an upper folder and make sure its repository is up-to-date. Then, run::
$ ./
$ conda activate base
$ ../bob.admin/conda/ --python=3 conda
See for up-to-date
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