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Algorithms are fundamental elements in the platform that formally describe how
Algorithms are fundamental elements in the BEAT framework that formally describe how
to process data. In particular, they are always attached to a specific
processing block with a given set of inputs and outputs. When an algorithm
needs to be applied in a slightly different processing block, this may, hence,
......@@ -40,6 +40,18 @@ into a common location. Once done, code from a library may be used by any
algorithm as long as the algorithm mentions its dependency to it in its
JSON declaration. In addition, a library may depend on another library.
.. note:: **Naming Convention**
Libraries are named using three values joined by a ``/`` (slash) operator:
* **username**: indicates the author of the library
* **name**: indicates the name of the library
* **version**: indicates the version (integer starting from ``1``) of the
Each tuple of these three components defines a *unique* name inside the
......@@ -77,7 +89,9 @@ Similarly to algorithms, a library consists of two folds:
def function_from_my_library(value):
return value * self.multiplier
The graphical interface of BEAT provides editor for algorithm, which simplifies its JSON declaration definition. It also includes a simple Python code editor.
The graphical interface of BEAT provides editors for the main components of the
system (for example: algorithms, data formats, etc.), which simplifies their
`JSON`_ declaration definition.
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