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The graphical interface of BEAT provides user-friendly editors to configure the main components of the system (for example: experiments, data formats, etc.), which simplifies their `JSON`_ declaration definition. One needs only to declare an experiment using the described specifications when not using this graphical interface.
.. note:: **Naming Convention**
Experiments are named using five values joined by a ``/`` (slash)
* **username**: indicates the author of the experiment
* **toolchain username**: indicates the author of the toolchain used for
that experiment
* **toolchain name**: indicates the name of the toolchain used for that
* **toolchain version**: indicates the version (integer starting from
``1``) of the toolchain used for the experiment
* **name**: an identifier for the object
Each tuple of these five components defines a *unique* experiment name.
.. _beat-system-experiments-declaration:
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