Commit 02f3a482 authored by Zohreh MOSTAANI's avatar Zohreh MOSTAANI

[openapi] fixed the package version for drf-yasg and sphinxcontrib-openapi...

[openapi] fixed the package version for drf-yasg and sphinxcontrib-openapi similar to other pip packages
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......@@ -40,6 +40,6 @@ dependencies:
- django-jsonfield>=1.0,<1.1
- django-jsonfield-compat>=0.4,<0.5
- django-post_office>=3.1,<3.2
- drf-yasg>=1.16
- drf-yasg>=1.16,<1.7
- djangorestframework>=3.9,<3.10
- sphinxcontrib-openapi
- sphinxcontrib-openapi>=0.4.0,<0.5
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