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.. _administratorguide-backend_maintenance:
Backend Maintenance
This guide contains information about administrative tasks related to the
backend. Activities include cache clean-up actions and backend (workers,
environments, queues) reconfiguration.
The administrative command ``qsetup`` can be used to configure or re-configure
the backend:
.. command-output:: ./bin/django qsetup --help
This command will check current queue usage w.r.t. submitted experiments and
will modify the queue/worker/environment configuration on-the-fly. Running
schedulers and workers will not be affected.
By default, all new workers inserted are made inactive. This flag should be
turned-on by the worker process itself once it is started.
Cache Maintenance
If your cache becomes very large, you may have to delete old files. The
administative command ``cleanup_cache`` can help you in that task:
.. command-output:: ./bin/django cleanup_cache --help
This command will first check running experiments and database files and make
sure not to remove any files currently used by those are removed. You may then
specify the amount of time in minutes from the current time, cache files should
be considered outdated and must be removed.
Notice the command, by default, does not remove any files - it only lists the
files it would remove. In order to actually remove the files, you must also
specify the option ``--delete``.
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