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[ui/registration/templates] added email template for godfather to validated supervisee

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Dear {{ supervisor.first_name }},
Thank you in advance for validating the registration of one your supervisee at the Idiap Research Institute's Biometric
Evaluation and Testing (BEAT) platform. Before we can activate his account
you must login to your account and under supervision tab validate the following supervisee:
First Name: {{ supervisee.first_name }}
Last Name: {{ supervisee.last_name }}
Email: {{ }}
Username: {{ supervisee.username }}
If you don't do this the supervisee will not be able to use his account and
will be deleted after 7 days.
If you are having problems to activate your supervisee account, contact a member of our
support staff at {{ prefix }}{% url 'contact' %}.
BEAT Administrators at the Idiap Research Institute
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