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......@@ -21,22 +21,34 @@
.. with the BEAT platform. If not, see ..
Biometrics Evaluation and Testing Platform
.. image::
.. image::
.. image::
.. image::
.. image::
.. image::
The BEAT platform is written as a set of python packages. This package
(beat.web), in particular, constitutes the central deployment pillar of BEAT
platform instance. It uses as a base development library, a web framework
called Django_. If you are unfamiliar with this framework, but wishes to deploy
or develop the BEAT platform, it is recommended you familiarize yourself with
BEAT Web Platform
This package part of BEAT_, an open-source evaluation platform for data science
algorithms and workflows. It contains source code for the online platform of
Here is a recipe to get you started::
Start by downloading and installing miniconda_. Then, to install this package,
$ conda env create -f dev.yml
$ conda activate beat-web
......@@ -47,27 +59,15 @@ These commands should download and install all non-installed dependencies and
get you a fully operational test and development environment.
To build the administrator guide, just do::
$ ./bin/sphinx-build doc/admin html/admin
Once the guide is built, continue reading on the "Installation" section for
further deployment instructions.
If you find problems concerning this package, please post a message to our
`group mailing list`_. Currently open issues can be tracked at `our gitlab
For questions or reporting issues to this software package, contact our
development `mailing list`_.
.. Place here references to all citations in lower case
.. _django:
.. _group mailing list:
.. _our gitlab page:
.. Place your references here:
.. _beat:
.. _installation:
.. _mailing list:
.. _miniconda:
......@@ -7,7 +7,7 @@ dependencies:
# packages you may pin are here
- python=3.6
- bob-devel=2018.12.11
- beat-devel=2018.12.12
- beat-devel=2018.12.15
# requirements.txt, they are indirectly pinned through the above
- beat.core
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