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......@@ -38,7 +38,6 @@ such as different databases and algorithms. Each experiment has its own
Experiments can be shared and forked, to ensure maximum re-usability.
Displaying an existing experiment
......@@ -143,3 +142,40 @@ the ``Sharing`` tab, on the relevant data format page.
more information on our :ref:`faq`).
.. include:: ../links.rst
Running an experiment
In order to start running an experiment on the platform, the current way to do it is by
using the beat command on the command line.
.. code-block:: bash
$ beat exp <experiment_full_name> run
The run status of the experiment can be followed using either the `--monitor` option to
the previous run subcommand or use the `runstatus` subcommand.
.. code-block:: bash
$ beat exp <experiment_full_name> runstatus
This subcommand can be used to monitor the experiment run at any time.
Canceling and reseting an experiment can also be done from the command line with the
corresponding subcommands:
.. code-block:: bash
$ beat exp <experiment_full_name> cancel
$ beat exp <experiment_full_name> reset
Note that the reset of an experiment can only be done after a completed run (successful
or not) or after cancellation was completed.
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