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[doc][admin][installation] Removed cpu_limit reference

Now Docker is used with all the parameters it allows to set when
running a container.
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......@@ -58,18 +58,7 @@ and generate a fully operational test and development environment.
.. note::
If the program cpulimit_ is available on your system, the BEAT platform may
use it to limit user process load on worker resources. In order to install a
copy of this program, follow these simple steps::
$ cd src/cpulimit
$ make
$ ./src/cpulimit -h #to test it
$ cd ../../bin #go back to the root of beat.web and the into the `bin' dir
$ ln -s ../src/cpulimit/src/cpulimit
$ cd .. #go back to the root of beat.web
cpulimit has been superseded by the use of Docker
.. tip::
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