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[ui][registration][templates] add subject/message for blocked user login access attempt

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Dear {{ user.first_name }} {{ user.last_name }} (username:{{ user.username }}),
This is to inform you that a successful login attempt has been made on your personal blocked account
at the Idiap Research Institute's Biometric Evaluation and Testing (BEAT) platform. If this wasn't an
action from you, we advise you to contact an admin of the platform or to re-activate your account as
explained below and change your password.
If this was a valid attempt and you actually tried to login, we remind you that your account
is currently blocked as no valid supervison is in place for you account at the moment.
This is mandatory in order to use the platform.
Please go to the following page and provide a valid supervisor who could accept your supervision request:
{{ prefix }}{% url 'blocked_user_reactivation' %}
BEAT Administrators at the Idiap Research Institute
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