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......@@ -310,15 +310,15 @@ Here is how to do it.
1. Start the web service normally::
$ ./bin/django runserver -v1
$ ./bin/django runserver
2. Start a single scheduling node::
$ ./bin/scheduler -v1
$ ./bin/scheduler -vv
3. Start a worker for your current node::
$ ./bin/worker -v1
$ ./bin/worker -vv
By default, the applications are configured to figure out paths and
configuration options by themselves. You can override some defaults via the
......@@ -326,8 +326,8 @@ command line. Just check the output of each of those commands running the
``--help`` flag on any of them.
Mixing a matching
Mixing and matching
You can mix and match any of the above techniques to run a 3-node system
(all-in-one or discrete) to build a test system to suite to your needs. For
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