Commit 291004e3 authored by Samuel GAIST's avatar Samuel GAIST
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[common][serializers] Make ContributionCreationSerializer usable with versionable

This allows to use it with ProtocolTemplates and
possibly Database as well.
parent c80a19b5
......@@ -400,15 +400,20 @@ class ContributionCreationSerializer(ContributionModSerializer):
data["name"] = name
version = data.get("version")
if self.Meta.model.objects.filter(
author=user, name=name, version=version
kwargs = {
"name": name,
"version": version,
if hasattr(self.Meta.model, "author"):
kwargs["author"] = user
if self.Meta.model.objects.filter(**kwargs).exists():
raise serializers.ValidationError(
"{} {} version {} already exists on this account".format(
"{} {} version {} already exists".format(
self.Meta.model.__name__.lower(), name, version
previous_version = data.get("previous_version")
fork_of = data.get("fork_of")
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