Commit 0c71f03a authored by Jaden's avatar Jaden Committed by Flavio TARSETTI
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[reports][js] hide experiments table when locked

The experiments table in reports shouldn't be shown
when the report is locked (versus being editable or
being published). The secrecy around the experiment
names in locked reports is due to the potential bias
if reviewers knew who had created/ran the experiments

See #487 and !280
parent 30bd2dbf
......@@ -27,13 +27,14 @@
* generating group panels using the GroupsService data,
* and holding the menu for adding a group
angular.module('reportApp').directive("groupsLayout", ['GroupsService', 'UrlService', function(GroupsService, UrlService){
angular.module('reportApp').directive("groupsLayout", ['GroupsService', 'UrlService', 'ReportService', function(GroupsService, UrlService, ReportService){
return {
scope: {
link: function(scope, el, attr){
scope.GroupsService = GroupsService;
scope.isViewmode = UrlService.isViewmode;
scope.isLocked = () => ReportService.status === 'locked';
// drag handle CSS selector
scope.sortableOptions = {
......@@ -41,7 +42,7 @@ angular.module('reportApp').directive("groupsLayout", ['GroupsService', 'UrlServ
template: `
<experiments-table ng-if='!isLocked()'></experiments-table>
<div ng-if='!isViewmode()' group-add-group-menu class='panel'></div>
<div id='groupsLayout' class='panel-group'>
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