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CASIA NIR-VIS 2.0 Face Database
* **Version 3**, 30/Oct/2017:
- Port to beat.backend.python v1.4.2
* **Version 2**, 20/Jan/2016:
- Port to Bob v2 (should not affect results)
* **Version 1**, 06/Nov/2014:
- Initial release
<>`_ database offers
pairs of mugshot images (VIS) and their correspondent Near Infrared (NIR)
photos. Capured by CASIA (Chinese Academy of Sciences), the images of this
database were collected in four recording sessions: 2007 spring, 2009 summer,
2009 fall and 2010 summer, in which the first session is identical to the `HFB
database <>`_. The CASIA
NIR-VIS 2.0 database consists of 725 subjects in total. There are 1-22 VIS and
5-50 NIR face images per subject.
A preview image of the Database of Faces is shown below:
.. image::
:width: 400 px
The VIS images are in JPG format and the NIR images are in BMP format. The size of each image is 640x480 pixels (RGB).
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