Commit 8059b684 authored by Philip ABBET's avatar Philip ABBET

Update putvein/4 to use the 'DatabaseTester' class of beat.backend.python v1.4.2

parent b54986f3
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......@@ -25,17 +25,17 @@ The PUT Vein Database
* **Version 1**, 10/Feb/2016:
* **Version 3**, 02/Nov/2017:
- Initial release
- Port to beat.backend.python v1.4.2
* **Version 2**, 10/Feb/2017:
- Major update to make database compatible with BIOWAVE database toolchains
* **Version 3**, 16/Oct/2017:
* **Version 1**, 10/Feb/2016:
- Bugfix: Incorrect usage of the BEAT synchronization mechanism
- Initial release
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