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The PUT Vein Database
* **Version 1**, 10/Feb/2016:
- Initial release
* **Version 2**, 10/Feb/2017:
- Major update to make database compatible with BIOWAVE database toolchains
* **Version 3**, 16/Oct/2017:
- Bugfix: Incorrect usage of the BEAT synchronization mechanism
PUT Vein pattern database consists of 2400 images presenting human vein
patterns. Half of images contains a palmar vein pattern (1200 images) and
another half contains a wrist vein pattern (another 1200 images). Data was
acquired from both hands of 50 students, with means it has a 100 different
patterns for palm and wrist region. Pictures ware taken in 3 series, 4 pictures
each, with at least one week interval between each series. In case of palm
region volunteers were asked to put his/her hand on the device to cover
acquisition window, in way that line below their fingers coincident with its
edge. No additional positioning systems ware used. In case of wrist region only
construction allowing to place palm and wrist in comfortable way was used to
help position a hand.
Original images have **768 x 1024** resolution and are saved as 24-bit bitmap.
Database consist of 2 main sections: hand and wrist, with are further divided
in persons. Each person folder has sub-sections for left and right hand, which
are separated into series.
More information about the original database - `PUT Vein database
In order to enable to use the database with BIOWAVE toolchains, this database
implementation converts image to a grey-scale (shape (768, 1024)) and then
rotates images by 270 deg so that vein pattern in wrist images would appear
vertical (wrist's part closer to the palm would appear at the top of the image)
In this implementation we use both - original 50 client x 2 hand data - in the
database clients with IDs between ``1`` and ``50`` - and also - mirrored
file representations (left hand / palm data mirrored to look like right hand
data and vice versa) - clients with IDs between ``51`` and ``100``.
Currently (as on 10.02.2017) there are 10x2 protocols, they also match the
protocols in ````:
- ``palm-L_4``,
- ``palm-R_4``,
- ``palm-RL_4``,
- ``palm-LR_4``,
- ``palm-R_BEAT_4``,
- ``palm-L_1``,
- ``palm-R_1``,
- ``palm-RL_1``,
- ``palm-LR_1``,
- ``palm-R_BEAT_1``,
- ``wrist-L_4``,
- ``wrist-R_4``,
- ``wrist-RL_4``,
- ``wrist-LR_4``,
- ``wrist-R_BEAT_4``,
- ``wrist-L_1``,
- ``wrist-R_1``,
- ``wrist-RL_1``,
- ``wrist-LR_1``,
- ``wrist-R_BEAT_1``.
Protocols (except the ``BEAT`` protocols) still contains the original protocol
(``L``, ``R``, ``RL``, ``LR``) data, the difference is, whether each enroll
model is constructed using all 4 hand's images (protocol name ends with ``4``),
or each enroll image is used as a model (corresponding protocol names ends with
The original protocols consists of following data, ``world`` purpose dataset
consists of the **same** data, as ``dev`` purpose dataset, so won't be
separately described:
|**protocol** | ``dev`` | ``eval`` |
| L | IDs 1-25, un-mirrored left hand images | IDs 26-50, un-mirrored left hand images |
| R | IDs 1-25, un-mirrored right hand images | IDs 26-50, un-mirrored right hand images |
| RL | IDs 1-50, un-mirrored right hand images |IDs 51-100, mirrored left hand images |
| | |(to represent right hand) |
| LR | IDs 1-50, un-mirrored left hand images |IDs 51-100, mirrored right hand images |
| | |(to represent left hand) |
The new test protocols (ends with ``R_BEAT_1`` and ``R_BEAT_4``) are intended
for use with ```` and ``BEAT`` platform for quick tests, if
necessary. Both protocols consist of such data:
|**protocol** | ``dev`` | ``eval`` |
| R_BEAT | IDs ``1``, ``2``, un-mirrored right hand / wrist images | IDs ``26``, ``27``, un-mirrored right hand / wrist images |
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