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# BEAT Python environment

This package contains docker instructions for building a container for the Python
backend of the BEAT platform.

## Usage

To test the creation of a container on your machine, run the following command:

$ docker build --rm=true -t .
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## Integration with Gitlab CI

By default, nothing is done on the CI when commits are pushed to the Gitlab

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To trigger the build of a docker image, push a tag of the form *vX.Y.ZrR*. This
will create an image with the name **.

In this versioning scheme, *X.Y.Z* represents the **version of the environment**
(ie. the same than the one returned by the *describe* script). *R* indicates the
revision of this environment.
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To trigger the upload of the image to the ** registry, you can push
a special tag (see below). Note that the commit you are tagging **must** also have
a *vX.Y.ZrR* tag, and that this build must have successfully passed.
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The special tag must start with *push* (examples: *push*, *push_thisversion*).
This will upload the image with the name **