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server-side port config with "--port" option, #188

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......@@ -64,10 +64,13 @@ def editor(ctx):
@click.option('--cache', '-c', help='Overrides the cache prefix. If not set, use the value from your RC file, otherwise defaults to `<prefix>/%(cache)s\'',
@click.option('--port', help='Overrides the port that the beat.editor server will listen on. By default will listen on port 5000.',
def serve(ctx, dev, debug, prefix, cache):
def serve(ctx, dev, debug, prefix, cache, port):
'''Run Flask server
To run the development server add option --dev
......@@ -127,6 +130,6 @@ def serve(ctx, dev, debug, prefix, cache):
if not dev:
import webbrowser'http://localhost:5000')'http://localhost:{}'.format(port))
return, port=port)
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