Commit 6af3d44c authored by Jaden's avatar Jaden Committed by Flavio TARSETTI

update docs for correct bdt usage & templates section

parent 2ffc2bcd
parts = scripts
parts = scripts templates
eggs = beat.editor
develop = .
newest = false
recipe = bob.buildout:scripts
recipe = collective.recipe.cmd
cmds = ./bin/python conda/
on_install = true
on_update = true
......@@ -26,20 +26,15 @@ Installation Steps
$ git clone
$ cd beat.editor
#. Build a development Conda environment using `the Bob/BEAT CLI tool <>`_: ::
#. Create a generic development Conda environment for the BEAT/Bob ecosystem using `the Bob/BEAT CLI tool <>`_: ::
$ conda create -n bdt -c bob.devtools
#. We will need the ``buildout`` command, so install the `bob.buildout` package to the new environment as well: ::
$ conda install -n bdt -c bob.buildout
#. Activate the created environment and use the ``bdt`` command from ``bob.devtools`` to build the ``beat.editor`` package: ::
#. Activate the created environment and use the ``bdt`` command from ``bob.devtools`` to create a Conda environment for the ``beat.editor`` package: ::
$ conda activate bdt
$ bdt build
$ bdt create beat_editor
#. For development, we want to generate all our CLI tools in the ``beat.editor`` project folder. Add the line ``dependent-scripts = true`` to ``buildout.cfg`` under the ``[scripts]`` section and use the ``buildout`` command to generate all the package's executables in ``bin/``: ::
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