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[changelog] Remove old changelog file

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* beat/beat.editor
* major release v1.0.0 :
- beat/beat.editor!27 Toolchain Editor UX Improvements: This is the MR for the similarly-named milestone (and the last milestone!)
- beat/beat.editor!35 Fix tests to run all tests: `Plotterparameter.spec.jsx` whitelisted its own tests, preventing any tests outside of that file being ran.
- beat/beat.editor!36 Alg editor form warning 162: The warning about proptypes no longer shows, wrapping the child components in a `<React.Fragment>` worked Fixes beat/beat.editor#162
- beat/beat.editor!38 Add templates for issues and MR: These template should be used when opening a new issue or merge request. There are two templates under issue: - which is a bug report - which is for suggestion to be implemented To use them, select the corresponding template in the dropdown beside the title of the issue/merge request. Only available once merge in the default branch.
- beat/beat.editor!40 [backend] Implement AssetModel class: Summary This patch implements the AssetModel class which can be used to retrieve a list available assets of one type. It can be used to, for example, populate combo boxes needing to show a list of dataformats. One such a case is the dataformat editor itself. Part of beat/beat.editor#186
- beat/beat.editor!43 fix misspelling of "unkown" -> "unknown": Summary Fixes misspelling of "unknown" in Relevant issue(s) fixed Fixes beat/beat.editor#190
- beat/beat.editor!41 server-side port config: Summary Adds the "--port" option to the server so it can serve the API on a different port number. Relevant issue(s) fixed Fixes beat/beat.editor#188
- beat/beat.editor!45 Fix pre-commit package name: Summary Fix name of pre-commit conda package in installation instruction. Relevant issue(s) fixed Fixes beat/beat.editor#189
- beat/beat.editor!39 Parameter testing: MR for beat/beat.editor#166 Note that tests have been added for everything except for `ParameterCreate`, which is added in this MR. This also fixes a bug with setting the default value for boolean parameter types.
- beat/beat.editor!44 Cleanup v1 artifacts: Summary Removes the rest of the artifacts from the v1 editor. Relevant issue(s) fixed Fixes beat/beat.editor#191
- beat/beat.editor!47 Add a "Copy Path" button to copy path to clipboard: Summary Adds a button to copy the object's absolute path on the filesystem to the clipboard. I tried to add more dynamic copying abilities, but you quickly run into having to ask the user for permissions, browser~version compatibility issues, and having to write/use a wrapper for the clipboard (see [the mozilla article on it]( The button I added is something that I'd use alot - when I create/browse objects in the editor I almost always end up wanting to look at its files in the terminal, which requires the objects path. Relevant issue(s) fixed beat/beat.editor#104
- beat/beat.editor!49 Fix AssetModel initialisation: Summary Fix initialization of member variables
- beat/beat.editor!42 Toolchain blocks properly handle new input names: Summary Adding & changing inputs/outputs in toolchain blocks will work as expected without overwriting other names (see the issue for more) Relevant issue(s) fixed beat/beat.editor#176
- beat/beat.editor!50 Simplifies the CI of this package by re-using definitions in bob/bob.devtools (bdt): This update only brings the CI (`.gitlab-ci.yml`) file in sync with the rest of BEAT packages (using bob/bob.devtools's bdt)
- beat/beat.editor!53 Allow package to be tested outside of source checkout: Summary This MR addresses a minor issue when testing conda packages out of a checkout of the package source. So far, this was not possible as the documentation source code was not shipped with the package. This MR changes that. Relevant issue(s) fixed bob/bob.devtools#5
- beat/beat.editor!57 Use relative path to change to conda/js dir during test: This MR removes the `RECIPE_DIR` environment variable use during test. Such value may change depending on the docker CI the test is running. If the value is different than that used during the build phase, then the build fails. Example: It also makes the built package more relocatable and about 10x smaller!
- beat/beat.editor!46 New algorithms are created with an input & output: Summary When a new algorithm is created, it will have by default an empty input & output. This won't happen if you're copying an algorithm or creating an algorithm from a toolchain block, as expected. Relevant issue(s) fixed beat/beat.editor#145
- beat/beat.editor!37 Json schema update: Fixes beat/beat.editor#174, updating the JSON schema files & making sure the editor works with the new files.
- beat/beat.editor!58 Update development docs for bob.devtools: This updates the development installation docs for v1 to use `bob.devtools`. It also clarifies/cleans up things :) Closes beat/beat.editor#201
* beat/beat.editor
* minor release v1.1.0 :
- beat/beat.editor!61 Restrict algorithm editor parameter types: Users could set the type of algorithm parameters as `array` or `dict`, now they can't. This also separates the `BUILTIN_TYPES` (derived from the `basetype` in the schema) from the special dataformat-only types (now in `DATAFORMAT_TYPES`). Closes beat/beat.editor#205
- beat/beat.editor!64 Restrict range parameter min/max values: `min` can no longer be greater than `max`, and `max` can no longer be less than `min`. Closes beat/beat.editor#206
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