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``store/`` holds all the code for the Redux store, including the reducers, actions, and selectors. We use `reselect <>`_ to write memoized composable selectors, in ``selectors.js``.
How does the webapp operate on the local BEAT prefix? Through the small Python REST API server provided in ``beat/editor/`` in this project. This is a bare-bones REST API server using `Flask <>`_ that exposes the following API on ``localhost:5000``:
* ``/`` or ``/index.html``: Serves the production/distributable version of the webapp.
* ``<plural BEAT entity name>/``: For each type of BEAT object, there is an endpoint for it. This endpoint is the pluralized version of the type - to operate on databases, use ``/databases``, to operate on libraries, use ``/libraries``, etc. Each endpoint accepts the following HTTP verbs:
- ``GET``: GET requests fetch all the objects of the given type from the prefix.
- ``POST``: POST requests create an object given the ``obj`` field, the object to create, and the ``copiedObjName`` field, which is an optional field to specify the object being copied.
- ``PUT``: PUT requests update objects, overwriting the objects in the prefix with the given objects (matched by name).
- ``DELETE``: DELETE requests delete objects from the prefix.
* ``settings/``: Only accepts GET requests - fetches settings (not currently being used).
* ``environments/``: Only accepts GET requests - fetches the docker environments (can be slow because ``beat.core`` needs to query every docker container).
* ``layout/``: Only accepts POST requests - given the toolchain as the request body, generates a layout for the toolchain using Graphviz's ``dot`` layout algorithm and returns it.
.. automodule:: beat.editor
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